We are happy to announce the composition of the Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant Jury for the 2018 edition:

  • Danuta JAZŁOWIECKA MEP (EPP Group)
  • Camille BULLOT (EPF – Director of Operations & Engagement)
  • Joke JAARSMA (EFNA Board Member – Education and Training)
  • Joop VAN GRIENSVEN (PAE President)
  • Mariano VOTTA (ACN – Director)

Patients are granted massive representativity – the Jury is formed exclusively by patients and patient representatives – this being for the BMP Grant authority an important criterium in order to ensure the patient-centric environment and patient-driven actions throughout the creation, development, and management of the BMP Grant. Patient empowerment is the main guideline throughout the evaluation process as well as for the future editions of the Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant.