Humanization And Technology: A New Deal

Creating a structured network of support for chronic pain sufferers and their families constituted by healthcare operators, psychologists, patients’ associations and expert patients supported by a Telematic Station linking all the actors involved.

From Children to Adults With Chronic Pain - A Booklet to Support Transition

'Easing the transition of transition'- supporting emerging adults with chronic pain.

Supporting Self-Management In Chronic Pain

Based on the findings of a pilot study conducted by the charity Pain Concern, this project establishes The Navigator Tool Intervention which mobilises both healthcare professionals and people with chronic pain to discuss self-management during consultations in order to facilitate supported self-management I primary care.

MedICUs Chronic Pain

Our goal is to improve patients’ quality of life by providing an innovative, efficient, self-administrative questionnaire tool. This tool will allow clinicians to identify the effectiveness of pain treatments, the impact of Physiotherapy and Psychology sessions on patients’ progress and reduce the longevity of patient care, consequently improving waiting lists.

Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Chronic Pain In The Netherlands

- Stichting Pijn-Hoop -

Shingles And PHN: Medical Students Hear From Patients

Improving the treatment of patients with the neurological problem called post herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Patients will present their pain story to medical students to help create a one-hour training session to explain how to recognise and treat PHN.

PATH - Patients Action Toolkit for Hypermobility

A collaborative programme encompassing patients, professionals and providers, developing and delivering bespoke self management approaches, which are patient driven and focussed on improving access to treatment and fostering greater quality of life.

Master Your Pain

Master Your Symptoms is an innovative, personalized e-health intervention for patients with unexplained (pain) symptoms. Could it also improve functioning of patients with (explained) pain due to rheumatic diseases? In this project we want to adjust the system to the needs of this patient group, explore implementation possibilities and put our results into practice to improve access to personalized psychosocial treatment.

Introducing Innovative And Patient-Centered Course-Based Program

To improve the quality of life in patients suffering from chronic pain through an innovative patient-centered supporting program, based on holistic perspective (clinical, psychological, physiotherapeutic) and shifting the emphasis from fighting against pain to planning and recovery. To substantiate the introduction of the program as novel routine healthcare strategy.

Reduce Sensorial Pain Or Stress In Autism Spectrum Disorder

This Project seeks a comfortable support tool that, through hearing frequencies, allows patients with ASD to reduce the limitations caused by sensory and perception difficulties.


MyBrainNET is committed to assist in finding answers to neurological questions, providing information to the stakeholders, empowering patient groups and helping patients improving their quality of life..

Predicting Pain At The Bedside

We are planning to develop a cost-effective method to prognosticate the course of pain levels in chronic pain disorders using measures of brain activity combined with patient self-reports. Our goal is to enable treating clinicians and patients to obtain rich online feedback about the state of the condition to facilitate challenging decisions about treatment, e.g., the dosage of analgesic medication.


Development and implementation of a psychological service for prevention and management of pain and promotion of quality of life in people with haemophilia.

Pain - Q +

Project of Good and Innovative Non-Pharmacological Treatment Practices (Emotional Intelligence, Aerobic Exercise, Functional Nutrition) with a new and more comprehensive ADDCA response to optimize the Quality of Life of Chronic Pain Patients and to stimulate pain control.

Peer Groups For Chronic Pain Patients

Chronic pain can turn life upside down. Family members and close ones have difficulties understand how active person turns to someone who may not be able manage simplest daily task, nor go to work.

Health & Patient Advocacy is a Patient-Centred Innovative eHealth project developed, implemented and manageried by Neurologist Antonina Gavajuc and Patient Alina Savu, also both patient advocates and neurologocal ambasadors for epilepsy and myasthenia gravis, and It represents an Information Ecosystem which build relationships between patients, patient advocates, patient associations, doctors, health carers, etc.

Voice-Based Assessment Of Pain And Cognition In Osteoarthritis

We are using speech technology to explore mood, cognition and pain, alongside novel machine-learning analysis of voice quality, embodied in an app that enables patients to capture information on all aspects of how they are, when it is convenient to them, providing actionable information that can be shared with clinicians.


The project will use data from wearable sensors and e-diaries to help patients with fibromyalgia become more efficient with movement and physical activity.

Non Pharmacological Tele-Care Medicine And Virtual Reality Based Pain Treatment

This non-pharmacological treatment for chronic pain uses new technologies to relieve pain, acting on its multidimensional aspects: physical and psychological suffering by restoring a correct body image with virtual reality-based treatments, mood and quality-of-life remotely using tele-care medicine placing patients and caregivers in the core of a multidisciplinary team.

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