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Authors & Project partners:

  1. Antonina Gavajuc – President of Association for Support of Children with Special Needs Republic of Moldova

– Pediatric Neurologist

– Mother of Patient & Patient Advocate

– Neurological Ambassador

  1. Alina Savu – Manager SC WEB CONNECT SRL Romania

– Patient & Patient Advocate

– Neurological Ambassador

– Director European Myasthenia Gravis Association

– Member of Board Romanian Myasthenia Gravis Association

Through a partnership between ASCPN which is a patient association, Founder and member of several Alliances of children and patients with neurological diseases and  SC WEB CONNECT SRL which is a full services IT  & marketing online agency it will developed and implemented an eHealth innovative project in both countries.

PACIENTUL.INFO is a Patient Centered platform, A Healthy Source of information and Inspiration disseminated online to the public audience. It represents an eHealth ecosystem bringing together patients, patient advocates, patient associations, doctors, health carers, etc.

The main beneficiaries will be PATIENTS with neurological/pain disorders, who will be able to benefit for information, education, discussions, exchange experience leading to a wide impact on the whole society.

Purpose of the project:

– Create an eHealth ecosystem patient centred.

Project objectives:

– Promoting and respecting the rights of patients with neurological/pain disabilities for the access to information about medical, social and intellectual / academic services.

– Raising awareness, influencing the state and the public opinion about the problems faced by patients.

– Diminishing the phenomenon of discrimination and stigma.

– Strengthening the patient’s capacities to defend their rights to services, treatments and the societal attitude.

– Partnership developments for services improvements and treatments.

Proposed activities:

– Development and maintenance of online platform launching and promoting of the eHealth project.

– Online and offline info-sessions.

– Content development.

Project results:

– Improvement of the life conditions of neurological and pain patients trough a better access to informations and online education with direct impact on their needs.

– Increased awareness of chronic pain conditions and neurological disorders.

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