Humanization and technology: A New Deal to Improve the Access to Treatment of the Chronic Pain Patient

Fondazione ISAL


The project aims at developing a structured network of support for the patients suffering from chronic pain and their families constituted by healthcare operators, psychologists, patients’ associations and expert patients. This network is supported by a Telematic Station linking all the actors involved. The main actions of the project are: i) An educational program managed by ISAL School in Algological Sciences for a selected equipe of psychologists and expert patients to increase the skills in the management of the chronic pain patient ii) the development of a Telematic Innovative Station connecting patients and their families. The Station will be handled by the equipe of psychologists and expert patients iii) Organization of the Network of the Association constituted by three local pain patients’ associations; the volunteers will address the specific needs of the patient or of her family by connecting them with the Telematic Station in cooperation with the local Pain Centers/the GPs. iv) Constitution of a network involving the Telematic Station and a group of 4 national Pain Centers aimed at improving the competences of the physicians working in the Pain Centers through the cooperation with the Telematic Station’s equipe. The telematic services will also include the development of software and applications to monitor the patient’s condition. This proposal aims at putting together several best practices for the management of chronic pain: a) building a Community for the Management of Pain constituted by physicians, psychologists and patient experts on chronic pain, establishing a diagnostic and therapeutic pathway including a homecare of the user and the activation of a qualified second opinion capable to address a prompt diagnosis and to improve the efficiency of care b) telematic services including: a software to handle the patient’s medical record, applications to monitor the vital signs, pain included and the therapeutic plan, a multichannel contact center for inbound and outbound services (voice, sms, email, web portal, chat, social networks. All these actions will be promoted through an informative campaign aimed at explaining what is chronic pain, which are the main chronic pain syndromes, treatment options and the support network.

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Humanization and technology: A New Deal