Less Pain, more Quality (Pain-Q +)

Associação de Doentes de Dor Crónica dos Açores – ADDCA


The services provided by ADDCA will be more effective with partnerships and a specialized multidisciplinary team. General Objectives: To optimize the Quality of Life of Chronic Pain Patients with a new and more comprehensive Project of Good and Innovative Non-Pharmacological Treatment. Specific Objectives: To design a patient-centered and group-based project in the physical, cognitive, affective and social dimensions through the promotion of Emotional Intelligence, Functional Nutrition, and Aerobic Exercise; To analyze the impact of the Project on Quality of Life, on the perception of Pain and on functionality. Inclusion criteria: Patients with Chronic Pain (moderate to severe or NPS ≥ 4) Residents on São Miguel Island; Older than 18 years; No opioid treatment No support from a Psychologist or Physiotherapist MMSE (Mini Mental State Examination) without cognitive deficit Methodology: Project submitted and accepted by Health Ethics Committee in Hospital do Divino Espírito Santo de Ponta Delgada EPER. Thirty to sixty Patients with Chronic Pain are selected, sign the informed consent, are divided into subgroups of 15 patients (number limited by group work) who will have for three months 12 sessions with Psychologist (once a week), with Physiotherapist (once a week) and intervention and Nutritionist counseling (30 minutes theoretical and practices sessions). The control will be with subgroups only with pharmacological treatment. Initial and final evaluation with the same Instruments: Numerical Pain Scale BPI (Brief Pain Inventory) Emotional Intelligence Scale SF12 (Quality of Life) Timed Up & Go (functionality) MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment) – anthropometry, general evaluation: lifestyle, food intake, self-perception of health status Food Frequency Questionnaire Evaluation After final group we will organize sessions in the Centers that are partners and in similar Centers, for professionals, chronic pain patients and an international workshop.

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Pain – Q +