Peer Groups For Chronic Pain Patients

Suomen kipu ry


Chronic pain can turn life upside down. Family members and close ones have difficulties understand how active person turns to someone who may not be able manage simplest daily task, nor go to work.

Everyone need support and social connections. Many places and cities have own peer groups for pain patients but dispate options there are lot of patients who are not able travel meetings just because of long distances or their health situation.

Most of the countries pain patient Organisations have facebook groups and Anyone with an internet connection or smartphone can access them at any time of a day. At the Internet groups patients can maintain privacy but on the same time anonymity gives an opportunity to non-pain people, whatever reason they have, take part to discussions.

Finland is a long country and most of the areas are rural. Distances are long and often for people with ache just impossible to reach. The internet or phone is the only way keep contact to others. But net groups are faceless and what patients are missing are small 8-12 people discussion groups lead by a patient. They are also missing special groups for example men and youngsters and new ideas like art, face the life with the pain.

By building new way for peer group’s the patients who have not been able take part any social life will get back some dignity and hope of life.

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Peer Groups For Chronic Pain Patients