The Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant 2019-2020 ” Stop Stigma!” has defined its eligibility criteria.

The submitted applications will be assessed against the following criteria to qualify for the evaluation process. The projects should be:

  • Patient-driven

    • The submitted projects should involve patients throughout the entire project flow, from idea to implementation

    • Hint: involving Patient Organisations in your project is a good way to obtain a qualified input for your project and to qualify according to this criterion

  • Patient-centred

    • improving the quality of living for brain, mind, and pain patients should be the paramount aim and outcome of the project

  • Scientifically robust

    • the project should demonstrate being based on methodology and rigorous approaches

  • Addressing the selected theme:

    • “Stop Stigma! Reduce stigma to improve quality of life for brain, mind, and pain patients”

  • Innovative

  • Focused on European countries 

  • Conducted in Europe