The submitted project must fulfil the following specific requirements:

  • To be patient-driven
  • To be patient-centred
  • To be scientifically robust
  • To respect the theme selected for each grant proposal
  • To address the objectives of the Grant
  • To be innovative
  • To focus on European countries and be conducted in Europe

All applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

The project should:

  • meet the theme of this specific call
  • improve the patients’ quality of life
  • be innovative
  • be targeted at patients with neurological and/or chronic pain disorders
  • involve patient organisations in its development
  • involve patient organisations in its implementation
  • be transferable to other countries and regions
  • establish partnerships between stakeholders
  • be sustainable and have an impact in the long-term
  • have a defined deadline
  • have a well-defined implementation plan

Assessment of criteria

The jury will have the final decision on whether or not and if yes, in what extent, an applicant meets the above evaluation criteria. Additionally, the evaluation will:

  • assess if the planned outcome of the project will solve a problem for patients
  • welcome applications which have considered involving the patients in the realisation of their project

Scientific evaluation

The scientific evaluation will ensure that the project is scientifically robust, and will be

  • done separately by two scientific evaluators, who will be free to ask advice from experts in specific fields
  • expressed quantitatively by a global scientific score.