Application Form Guidelines

The applications must be submitted in English, no later than the deadline for submitting applications referred to in the Call for Proposals. The date of the confirmation email received when submitting the application stating the acknowledgment of receipt will serve as proof of the date of submission of the proposal.

The application form is available on the BMP Grant website at Only applications submitted online will be considered. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Only one application will be accepted per project.  In case more than one application is received for the same project, only the first one received will be considered. Applications received before 15 NOV 2017 will receive advice from the BMP Grant secretariat in case one or several primary eligibility criteria are not met. In this case, a resubmission within the application period will be possible. Correction of the submission or resubmissions can only be made after consultation with the BMP Grant secretariat and within the application period.

Failure to comply with those requirements will lead to the rejection of the application.

Here below some details concerning the requirements for the different questions:


1.1 Identification of the applicant/coordinator

The information stated as a reply to this question will be used to establish the legal agreement between the BMP Grant Authority and the applicant if selected.

In case of a partnership – this section must be filled in by the main applicant/coordinator of the partnership.  Declarations of the partners/affiliated entity designing the applicant as coordinator of the proposal must be provided.

(please attach the document if applicable)

1.2 Identification of the partner(s), if needed

In case of a partnership – this section must be filled by each of the partners and affiliated entity/ies, if any (repeat this section – maximum 3 times).


2.2.10 Monitoring/Supervision

The applicant should describe how the project will be supervised, and also any risks involved in its implementation and execution, how they might affect the objectives and outcomes of the project and how they could be mitigated.

This should be a brief description of max 1500 characters.

2.3 Information concerning project duration


Applicants are informed that, according to the internal financial regulation established by the Grantor, no grants may be awarded retrospectively for actions already completed. In those exceptional cases where applicants demonstrate the need to start the action or work programme before the agreement is signed or the decision notified, expenditure eligible for financing may not have been incurred before the grant application was lodged.

Project timetable

Please do present the timetable in the form that is most relevant for the project for which the grant is requested.  The submitted timetable must, however, contain detailed production and delivery schedule enabling the Jury to identify key steps in the progress of the action.  Said production and delivery schedule will then be incorporated into any completion and payment schedule.

2.4 Information concerning the project’s budget

2.4.2 Detailed Budget

As applications must focus on Brain, Mind, and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation in European countries and be conducted in Europe they should include a detailed budget in which all costs are given in euros.

The applicant is kindly advised to include all possible elements of the budget, in a transparent manner, including information about co-funding – so to enable the Jury to correctly evaluate the submitted project.

  1. ADDITIONAL FUNDING (co-funding)

The applicants are requested to provide information on previously obtained and other possible applications for funding concerning the submitted project.

Data privacy

Personal information will be processed and stored solely for the purpose of the BMP grant application. Name and contact information (address, e-mail, phone number) of the applicants will be collected for assessment and responding to the grant request. All grant request proposals will be published with the name, address and e-mail of the applicants on

The BMP Grant applicants are reminded that:

The submitted project must fulfill the following specific requirements:

  • To be patient-driven
  • To be patient-centred
  • To be scientifically robust
  • To respect the theme selected for each grant proposal
  • To address the objectives of the Grant
  • To be innovative
  • To focus on European countries and be conducted in Europe

All applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • meet the theme of this specific call
  • improve the patients’ quality of life
  • be innovative
  • be targeted at patients with neurological and/or chronic pain disorders
  • involve patient organisations in its development
  • involve patient organisations in its implementation
  • be transferable to other countries and regions
  • establish partnerships between stakeholders
  • be sustainable and have an impact in the long-term
  • have a defined deadline
  • have a well-defined implementation plan

The following descriptions should be considered for inclusion in the application:

  • concerned (patients) population or addressed problem.
  • considered intervention (e.g. treatment, education program).
  • method of comparison (e.g. a control group or period to evaluate the effect of the considered intervention).
  • reliably measurable main outcome
  • project’s control and reporting milestones
  • Study/project design.

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