The Spanish Diabetes Federation (FEDE), with the support of Brain, Mind and Pain ‘Patient-Centred Innovation Grant’ (BMP Grant), continues giving visibility to the problem of chronic pain suffered by people with diabetes, with the aim of raising awareness about this disease, which generates social stigma among the affected population.

For this reason, FEDE, together with BMP Grant, presented the data on chronic pain in Spain and its prevalence in an online press conference as part of the “Break With Pain” campaign on June 17, 2021, through the channel ZOOM, targeting various generalist print media and media specialised in health, as well as online media and audiovisual media, regional and local.

Today, this “invisible” disease affects around 17% of the population in Spain, and 1 in 6 sufferers develop chronic pain during their lives, with direct consequences in their daily lives, to which must be added the psychological impact caused by the lack of understanding of this pathology.

To read more about this campaign, please click here.

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