Abigail Browne of the CBT-I World Café project team presented her poster at the EFIC 2023 Congress in Budapest, Hungary in September 2023. The poster was titled ‘How Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia Delivered to Adults with Comorbid Persistent Musculoskeletal Pain and Disordered Sleep? A Scoping Review‘. The research is part of the BMP Grant third edtion’s winning project. The scoping review was completed by the University of Limerick team. Now, the project is moving on to the next phase with qualitative study through focus groups and world cafés to examine the attitudes and experiences of patients and clinicians in the management of sleep for people with persistent musculoskeletal pain. The patient organisation partner for the project is Chronic Pain Ireland. Read more about the project’s development on page 47 here.

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