The BMP Grant website www.bmp-grant.eu is published by Pain Alliance Europe with reference to the Brain, Mind, and Pain – Patient-Centred Innovation Grant project, developed in collaboration with partner organisations and financially supported by Grünenthal GmbH.

Please note that access to the website (www.bmp-grant.eu), is based on these usage conditions (“Disclaimer”). By calling up your site, you state your agreement with this disclaimer.

1. General information

This website concerns the information offered to the public within the organisation of the BMP Grant project, its actions and events. It provides information on the Pain Alliance Europe and its partners in the project. The information presented/provided on the website about the organisation and its grant project and respective indications is directed at applicants, journalists, and patients. The contents of the website are compiled by an in-house editorial team and are for information purposes only. The editorial team do not have any medical expertise. There is no promotional marketing of the website or support from sponsors. This web site does not accept any form of advertising. It does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content. Nor do we accept any funding from institutions, hospitals, or anyone else related to the healthcare profession.

1.1. Topicality

BMP Grant editorial team makes every effort to provide appropriate and up to date information about the BMP Grant project. Pain Alliance Europe does not, however, undertake to provide any express or tacit guarantee with regard to the accuracy and/or the completeness of the contents of these Internet sites. Pain Alliance Europe reserves the right to delete, to change or to supplement the content of its Internet sites, or to remove these from the Internet either in whole or in part at any time without prior notification due to whichever reasons it sees fit.

1.2. Exclusion of liability

Neither the operators of the Pain Alliance Europe Internet sites, or other parties involved in the design, production or provision of these Internet sites or any related Internet site accept any liability for direct damage, damage which occurs in passing, subsequent damage, indirect damage or penalty, including damage arising as a result of access to these Internet sites or any related Internet sites, as a result of the usage or the impossibility of using the above mentioned Internet sites or as a result of mistakes or omissions in the content of the corresponding Internet sites.

The website may contain hypertext references (“Links”) to information located on servers which are operated by third parties and which are not subject to the control of Pain Alliance Europe. Pain Alliance Europe does not, therefore undertake to provide any guarantee regarding the correctness and accuracy or any other aspect of such information. Visitors to our Internet sites declare their agreement that the utilisation of links to third-party information is carried out at their own risk.

1.3. Copyright

The contents portrayed on the Pain Alliance Europe Internet sites – and the data contained or mentioned within these – are intended exclusively for the purpose of providing information. These may exclusively be used for non-commercial purposes.

The contents of these Internet sites are – unless otherwise stated – the property of Pain Alliance Europe and are therefore protected by copyright in accordance with the applicable world-wide copyright and trademark treaty. The relevant author expressly retains the copyright. Duplication, further transmission or any other type of usage are prohibited. If articles or sections of articles are printed or duplicated, a printing fee must be paid. Any usage of a brand or other (trade)marks located on our Internet sites is fundamentally subject to the prior written approval of the holder of the rights to these.

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