What is not named does not exist. That was the starting point of #RompeConElDolor, the campaign that the Spanish Diabetes Federation leads to stimulate a debate about chronic pain in diabetes and other chronic diseases, raising awareness about its real implications on people that suffer from it and consequently, normalize it and break the stigma that surrounds it.

We will launch a specific section of the campaign on our main website that will work as a virtual meeting point, where patients with chronic pain will be able to information and short videos with key messages, forming a great encyclopedia about chronic pain and diabetes. On social media, we will launch the #RompeConElDolorChallenge, where people will be able to share their experiences in our different channels such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

As part of the campaign, infographics and other visual content will be created. Those will address topics such as what is neuropathic pain in diabetes and chronic pain in general, tips on how to deal with both, figures to better know the current situation of chronic pain in Spain and Europe, etc.

On one hand, this will give people the keys to identify and better respond to potential chronic pain diagnostics and, on the other hand, information that facilitates empathy towards those close persons suffering from chronic pain. 

The Spanish Diabetes Federation understands the talk as a therapy tool to bring people with chronic pain and people without chronic pain closer.

About Us: The Spanish Diabetes Federation, created in 1986, is a federation formed by 18 regional federations of patients with diabetes and 150 local organizations that represents and works every day to vindicate the rights of nearly 6.000.000 patients living with diabetes from every region in Spain, through advocacy, projects to promote diabetologic education, awareness campaigns, support to our entities and the work they do and diffusion of knowledge in the field of diabetes.

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