The StigmApp solution will fight stigma following an innovative holistic approach, by proposing a range of functionalities: educate myself and others on the addressed topics, raise awareness of the general population, inspire others to get involved, facilitate fundraising for activities towards reducing stigma, network patients and the general population, facilitate the exchange of experiences, facilitate the management of chronic pain of individuals (by recording all necessary information in a highly personalized and friendly way) and, automatically produces material from the collected data for further promotional activities. Bite-sized learning will be used to reach and educate the modern citizen. 

The proposed solution exploits the latest technological developments while following a unique interdisciplinary approach in the design phase. A team of experts from different disciplines (information and communication technologies, doctors and behavioral sciences) along with the active participation of the end-users/patients will collaborate in all phases of the project in order to achieve the desired goal. Social media marketing and other innovative solutions will also be exploited through the platform to disseminate the desired information. 

StigmApp follows a multi-faceted approach to address the many mechanisms that can lead to disadvantaged outcomes; and multileveled, to address stigma perpetuated at the individual and social-structural levels.

The StigmApp solution targets chronic pain as well as neurological disorders. It facilitates pain management and recording while fighting stigma related issues in a unique and holistic way. It is an innovative approach exploiting the latest technological solutions while taking into account the lifestyle of the contemporary citizen and the recent trends. 

The proposed solution will be designed in close collaboration with two patient organizations related to chronic pain: (i) Hellenic League Against Rheumatism – ELEANA, and (ii) Cyprus League Against Rheumatism – CYPLAR. 

The StigmApp platform will be patient-centered and will be set up according to the requirements of various types of patients facing problems of chronic pain. StigmApp will be designed as a generic platform in order to be able to serve the different needs in terms of country, origin, language, region, community.

StigmApp is an innovative mHealth application that will be used to fight Stigma associated with pain or neurological conditions. Using a user-centered design it will serve five main axes:

1.My Story: It will facilitate pain management and reporting (medications, symptoms, pain intensity and points of pain, etc.) on a daily basis.

2. Raise awareness: Information nuggets and bite-sized learning will be provided to all users regarding the addressed topics for education purposes. “Share your story” option will be available to inspire others. Behavioral science will be used to create the right messages and push notifications to support and encourage people.

3. Get involved: Spread the word and make a difference solutions will be provided: (i) fundraising using crowd-funding for research and activities towards stigma fighting, (ii) become a member/volunteer, (iii) organize an inspiring event.

4. Networking: Create a community of users with and without pain around StigmApp in order to facilitate the exchange of experiences and networking.

5. Data analytics and presentation: The collected data in the first axis from the pain management module will be used to create infographics on how pain affects peoples’ lives. These infographics will be further promoted to various sources (Facebook, etc) to raise awareness on pain issues.

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