Chronic pain is a medical condition that involves physical and psychological impairment and is often associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or muscle dystonia. It is a common pathology that affects 1 in 6 people in Spain and requires constant medical attention.

In addition, nowadays patients suffering from chronic pain also suffer from social stigma due to lack of knowledge and misunderstanding. This unfair situation can lead to sadness, mood swings, anxiety and in worse cases, depression, not only in patients but also in people close to them.

The goal of Spanish Diabetes Federation (FEDE) with the campaign “Break free from pain” is to increase the visibility of this condition and raise awareness to end the stigmatization of pain.

Thanks to the support of the BPM Grant, FEDE will be able to create an avenue for dialog and provide a safe space where patients can find information, resources and helpful advice on managing their condition.

To this end, FEDE will count on the support of various scientific societies, such as Spanish Diabetes Society (SED), the Spanish Society of First Attention Physicians (SEMERGEN) and the Spanish Pain Society (SED), but also from patient societies such as the Bariatric Hispalis Association and Dystonia Aragon Association, in an expert committee to promote dialog and address the lack of verbalization of the realities of chronic pain.

Find out more about this campaign here: .

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